Durham For Organizing Action (DFOAction) is a grassroots volunteer organization that started in 2008 (as Durham For Obama) with the goal of electing Barack Obama. After that victory, we continued as a Durham-based group, committed to action that promotes social justice.

Durham for Organizing Action works to create social justice by defending democracy and fighting racism, sexism, economic injustice, and all forms of oppression.

A grassroots, all-volunteer organization, DFOAction uses deep canvassing, civic engagement, public protest, thoughtful discussion, and lobbying to build progressive electoral and community power inside and outside of Durham.


  • Breaking misrule at local, state, and national levels
  • Organizing for NC elections
  • Expanding voting rights
  • Resisting Trump and Trumpism in all forms
  • Fighting for universal healthcare
  • Promoting civic education
  • Stopping police violence
  • Resisting deportations
  • Empowering members to communicate effectively with elected officials