Email Senior Public Information Officer Tamara Gibbs ( at the Durham Sheriff’s office to share your concerns about video visitation in our local jail. This issue has gotten more attention since five people protesting video visitation were arrested at a commissioners’ meeting. Video visitation has replaced in-person visits in nearby counties, but we can stop it from happening here! Feel free to alert me if I’ve missed an earlier thread about this. Possible template below.


I am writing today as a concerned citizen after reading about the arrest of five protesters at this week’s county commissioners’ meeting. I support the protesters and the incarcerated people whose letters they shared with the group. Like them, I oppose video visitation. Denying people incarcerated in Durham the right to interact face-to-face with their loved ones is cruel and outrageous. Though it has been proposed as a cost-cutting measure, it would actually increase costs and safety risks by jeopardizing mental health. I urge you to respond to community concerns in the following ways:

1) abandon the video visitation pilot program planned for June
2) do not renew the contract with the company that would implement video visitation
3) prioritize cutting costs and improving conditions in the jail by reducing the number of people incarcerated for low-level offenses