On May 16, it’s personal. Despite an economic recovery since the crash of 2008, NC state lawmakers refuse to invest in our public schools. On the first day of the 2018 legislative session, thousands of North Carolina educators are taking a personal day to be in Raleigh for the NC Public Schools Day of Advocacy.  Come to the North Carolina General assembly and march to the General Assembly from the NCAE office at 10am, meet with legislators,  and rally for public education at 3pm on the Bicentennial Mall. Click here for the Facebook invite to the event or go to https://may16.org/ for more resources and information

Consider the health of North Carolina public education and these facts:

  • North Carolina is 39th in the nation for per pupil spending.
  • North Carolina is 37th in the nation for teacher pay.
  • Almost 25% of North Carolina’s  children live in poverty.
  • Over 7,452 North Carolina  teacher assistants positions have been lost since 2008.