When: Thursday, November 8th

More than 100,000 provisional Florida ballots were originally discarded due to simple clerical errors, but we can call these voters and help them fix their ballots so their votes will count! These ballots are super important, as the Senate race is going to a recount and the governor’s race is very close and may go to a recount, giving two awesome Democrats a chance at offices in a key swing state. The deadline is 5 PM TOMORROW, so please take some time to do this as soon as possible in the morning or early afternoon. All the information you need below.
Even just 15 minutes of calls means that a few more people will get to have their votes counted this election, and with the extreme lengths that Republicans went to in order to suppress voters this election, this means a lot! Voting is a right that so many people have fought incredibly hard for; let’s honor their work by helping people make their voices heard (in 2 super crucial races nonetheless!)
***Also, if you have the financial means to do so and feel so inclined, donate last-minute to Stacey Abrams’ governor’s race in Georgia. Her opponent engaged in egregious (and illegal!) voter suppression tactics, but the election was still incredibly close. She has yet to concede in hopes that she may get a recount, so every little bit helps elect the first black female governor in the U.S.!

2018 FLCC Ballot Cure Link to Phone Bank Dialer:   www.relaydial.com/2018flcc

The dialer is loaded with VBM signature chases. These are people that submitted VBMs before Election Day and did not sign them properly. THESE INSTRUCTIONS MUST BE FOLLOWED TO THE LETTER.

Each phonebanker should be trained to help the voter through the affidavit process. They should have one window with the  dialer, one window with the affidavit and one with their email.
1. Phonebankers should have the affidavit form open on their computer.
2. Phonebankers should fill out the affidavit with all information except for the signature. Most computers can do this electronically with preview or Adobe or through google docs.
3. Phonebankers gets the voter’s email address and emails them the form immediately AND cc’s votes@floridadems.org.
4. The voter MUST print out the form and sign it by hand.
5. The voter should deliver the affidavit to their SOE by hand, fax, or email AND reply back to you & votes@floridadems.org.
6. Attached is the SOE contact info list (there are no fax numbers-if needed please call).
7. If needed FDP staff or volunteers should go pick up their affidavit and deliver it for them if they are not able to deliver by 5pm Thursday.