Carolina Federation Virtual House Party on Saturday August 1, from 1:00-2:00PM.

This event will allow us all to meet one another and share our stories so that we may all move forward as a more cohesive group to fight the injustices facing our neighborhoods and cities today.  The link for the Virtual house party can be found here Also by clicking the following link:
The Carolina Federation is an organization that focuses on building political power in our communities with the intent of building electoral power in our neighborhoods, beginning from a grassroots level.  We intend to continue our organizing efforts beyond the 2020 electoral process!  We are creating multi-racial and cross-demographic teams throughout Durham’s wealth of neighborhoods to ensure that we are unified and represented by political leaders dedicated to upholding the interest of all people, enacting policy changes that benefit all communities, especially those that have been marginalized in the past. Utilizing our greatest resource, neighborhood members, we will build leadership that will inspire neighborhood cohesion and solidarity to effect change across the city and state.