We’re excited to announce that BullCityVotes has partnered with Georgia Stand-Up to outdoor table all over beautiful Savannah, GA & register new voters for the very important GA Senate RunOff elections.

For phase one of our work, we’re working on the ground from Sunday Nov 29th to the end of day Monday Nov 7th (the deadline for registering to vote).

Why Savannah, GA?
– It’s a similar size to Durham, manageable for our style of work.
– It has far less existing┬ápolitical organizing┬ácompared to Atlanta.

We have… wait for it… FREE HOTEL ROOMS w/ kitchens for whomever can come down. All our meetings and registration work will happen outdoors so you’ll be able to maintain your pod. Please bring other members of your pod who can volunteer and join you in the hotel room!

Click here to sign up to volunteer and please share widely!