When: Saturday, January 18th from  2:30 pm to  4:30pm

Where: Stanford L. Warren Library,1201 Fayetteville St, Durham, North Carolina 27707

Join the Coalition for Health Care of NC on Saturday, Jan. 18th, 2020, Stanford Warren Library, 1201 Fayetteville St, Durham, NC, for the ABCs of Health Insurance: Understanding what you have (and don’t). How do you feel when you look at health insurance plans and try to compare them so you can figure out what best meets your needs, for a price you can afford? If your answer is confused and overwhelmed, join the club! Health insurance has its own language, and it might as well be Martian for most of us. This month’s speakers will help us unlock the mystery and suggest how to make the best choices.

Join us for light refreshments and networking at 2:30pm, the program begins at 3pm. Please share this and the Facebook event page!


Erika Dunnon, MPH, is a Health Educator who is dedicated to contributing to the health literacy and well-being of the community. She has worked and volunteered with various organizations including Duke University Health System, A Helping Hand, LLC, Durham Literacy Center, LLC and the University of North Carolina Health System.

Askia Dunnon, MD, is a physician and advocate for health equity. He has worn many hats, including commercial, academic and clinical laboratory science, teaching, and mentoring. Currently, he is enrolled in the Leadership in Practice concentration at Gilling’s School of Global Public Health.

Alicia Gonzalez, MSN, RN, CS, is a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Adult Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing. She’s worked in the field of psychiatric nursing for over 40 years, in both inpatient and outpatient settings. Born in Honduras and fluent in English and Spanish, Alicia is a Certified Diversity Professional.